Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some people just don't cooperate - how to convince them?

Quite discouraging to see people who try to be irreplaceable by not sharing their knowledge with others and/or preventing others from helping them.

It often happens when somebody is insecure about themselves - for whatever reason - and is concerned that if he/she gives away all his/her knowledge, he/she will be replaced by somebody who can do the same things quicker.

I wonder what could be done in this situation? (Don't say "fire them", because this is the last resort). How everybody copes with such team members? They are not useless, quite the contrary. They usually know a lot about what has been done in the past. But when it comes to the new things, they are slower and they see it themselves. This makes them nervous and they begin to be suspicious and close down. Add to this the communication problems because of the age / culture gap and you have it :(

Are there any examples of achieving a win-win outcome?

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